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Our Findings

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Additional Co-Authored Publications

Burkart, S, Beets, MW, Pfledderer, CD, von Klinggraeff, L, Zhu X, van Hees, VT, Weaver, RG, Armstrong B, St. Laurent, CW, and Adams, EL (2023). Are parent-reported sleep logs essential? A comparison of three approaches to guide open source accelerometry-based nocturnal sleep processing in children. Journal of Sleep Research, e14112.

Wagner, KA, St Laurent CW, Pekow, P, Marcus, B, Rosal, MC, Braun, B, Manson, JE, Whitcomb, BW, Sievert, LL, and Chasan-Taber, L (2023). The impact of a lifestyle intervention on postpartum cardiometabolic risk factors among Hispanic women with abnormal glucose tolerance during pregnancy: secondary analysis of a randomized trial. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 21(1):40-50. 

Alhassan, S, Cox., M, St. Laurent, CW, Burkart, S, Amalbert-Birriel, MA, Sudarsky, LM. (2021). Understanding the perceptions, practices, and barriers of physical activity opportunities in toddler classroom: A qualitative study in toddler childcare provider. International Journal of Early Childhood, 53(3):315-331.

Lokhandwala, S, Holmes, JF, Mason, GM, St Laurent, CW, Delvey, C, Hanron, O, Andre, C, Rodheim, K, Kaur, S, and Spencer RMC. (2021). Sleep and coping in early childhood during the COVID-19 pandemic. Frontiers in Pediatrics. 9:716608. 

Holmes, JF, St. Laurent, CW, and Spencer, RMC. Unhealthy diet is associated with poor sleep in preschool-aged children. (2021). The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 182(5):289-303.

Alhassan, S, St. Laurent, CW, Burkart, C, Greever, C, and Ahmadi, A. (2019). Feasibility of integrating physical activity into early education learning standards on preschooler’s physical activity levels. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 16(2): 101-107.

Alhassan, S, Nwaokelemeh, O, Greever, C, Burkart, S, Ahmadi, A, St. Laurent, CW, and Barr-Anderson, DJ. (2018). Effect of a culturally-tailored mother-daughter physical activity intervention on pre-adolescent African American girls’ physical activity levels. Preventative Medicine Reports, 11: 7-14.

Alhassan, S, St. Laurent, CW, and Burkart, S. (2018). Preschool-based physical activity interventions in African-American and Latino preschoolers: A literature review. Kinesiology Review, 7: 142-150.

Burkart, S, St. Laurent CW, and Alhassan, S. (2017). Process evaluation of a culturally-tailored physical activity intervention in African-American mother-daughter dyads. Preventative Medicine Reports, 8: 88-92.

Ferrara, C, St. Laurent, C, & Wilson, T. (2008). The benefits of a weight loss contest in overweight and obese college students. Recreational Sports Journal, 32: 45-51. 

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