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The Moove and Snooze Lab is a developmental research laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst that focuses on movement and sleep behaviors in children and adolescents. Under the leadership of Dr. Christine St. Laurent, the mission of the lab is to:

  1. Expand our knowledge about how physical activity and sleep influence brain health and other health outcomes throughout development, and how to best promote these behaviors in different settings and populations,

  2. Provide UMass students with opportunities to apply their educational knowledge, gain hands on public health and research experience, and gain new professional development skills, and

  3. Engage with our community in the Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts, by providing services and resources to those that care for or teach children and developing collaborative research and programs. 



As an instructor, scholar, and mentor, Dr. St. Laurent strives to create an inclusive environment that is supportive and accessible to different identities and experiences that students and participants bring to the learning, research, and community spaces.  She is committed to continually seeking avenues to improve the quality and effectiveness of her instruction, enhance her mentorship style, and make her research practices translational and meaningful. Members of the UMass Moove and Snooze Lab are committed to make our research and research space inclusive, accessible, and diverse. This includes, but is not limited to:


  • Developing a safe and welcoming environment,

  • Recruiting a representative and diverse research team,

  • Being mindful with our research methods and measures,

  • Increasing awareness and accessibility of our research,

  • Being cognizant of the voices present and those that are not,

  • Creating advisory panels for our research, and

  • Engaging regularly with the community.



Much of our work takes place off-campus and out in the community (e.g., in schools, childcare centers, and homes). However, research participants are occasionally invited to campus for research activities to one of the following spaces. Additionally, these spaces are where our students and team members conduct the behind the scenes aspects of our research. 

Moove and Snooze Lab

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Totman Building, Room 6
30 Eastman Lane

Amherst, MA 01003 

Physical Activity and Health Lab

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Totman Building, Room 162
30 Eastman Lane

Amherst, MA 01003 

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